Arashi dating rumors

Sho was kept in dark on that day’s schedule/program, so he just followed Aiba around, but deep in his heart, he has been thinking that Aiba’s going to play a prank on him They started the journey to Chiba in a bus? Aiba’s is not going to let him off with only those beautiful memories Fireworks ends, and that’s the end of the shooting. Sho’s eyes are a bit “watery” at the end (inside the hole), maybe because he laughed too much?

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On February 12, the man that had been with Ogawa stood on her porch.

Idol groups are not allowed to use their name to create an SNS account.

Arashi member Sho Sakurai (35) is dating TV announcer Ayaka Ogawa (32), a report published by "Shukan Post" has claimed.

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