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) and left The Beach Boys to the devices of his two brothers Dennis and Carl, his asshole cousin Mike Love and their pal Al Jardine.It worked for a little while, but not a long while!So instead of crying over the spilled milk one needs to find ways to recover or salvage.After going through several case studies I thought of putting these steps together so that a victim knows what should be his/her immediate action when someone steals money from the bank account.If a bank account is hacked and the hacker/cybercriminal starts making online purchases using the stolen card information, bank account user name, password and/or PIN most of the victims expect the banks to repay.The banks however, refuse to help the victim on the grounds that the transaction was done with the actual card and the exact password and PIN was entered.We feel motionless and experience the sun, moon, stars and planets spinning around us.To suspend this common sense geocentric perspective and assume that it's actually the Earth revolving beneath us daily while rotating around the sun yearly is quite a theoretical leap.

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Then, in the winter of my junior year of high school, I heard "Wouldn't It Be Nice" on a radio station and I was actually impressed.

When it comes to prepping, nobody can match the passion that Americans put into it. Well, the truth is that no two preppers have the exact same motivation.

There is a general consensus among preppers that our world is becoming increasingly unstable, but when you sit down and talk with them you find out that there are a whole host of different civilization-killing events that various preppers are concerned about.

In this blog I will be focusing on the ways to strengthen the possibility of recovering your money in situations where your bank account is hacked or your credit card or debit card details have been stolen and misused.

I will not be talking about how to prevent a bank account from getting hacked because we have discussed it at length in various posts.

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