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As Sam Thompson pushes relationship boundaries with a forbidden romance, Liv looks for love, and flirty Harry plays two best friends off each other, there's plenty to keep the Chelsea set gasping and gossiping over cocktails.

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And who could forget the one called Binky, who I’d say was cast as the stupid one — but that would be unduly complimentary toward her co-stars.

People watch soaps like East Enders or Corrie for a mixture of escapism and to relate to the problems the plotline presents.

Stateside we are treated to The Hills and Jersey Shore — that is, the original franchise and the tackiest one.

None, though, jar quite so much as Channel 4’s Made In Chelsea. Jamie Laing could well be the wealthiest of the gang, but ‘posh’ is a push.

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For those lucky enough not have witnessed the latest cruel twist in the world of reality television, I recommend Geordie Shore.The show follows a dozen drunken louts through their various escapades and love affairs on Tyneside. The obsession with this genre of pseudo-reality, unscripted peep show seems unstoppable.The cameras go everywhere, and the ‘cast’, who simply play themselves, bare everything from their bottoms to their souls. While Geordie Shore is meant to shine a light on the nightlife of Newcastle, The Only Way is Essex lifts the lid on the world of wannabe Wags and preened lads of that upwardly mobile, though often horizontal, part of England’s south-east.To celebrate, we just had to look over our favourite bits from the past six series (and hand out some honourable mentions too, of course...)Ah, do you remember when Spencer wasn't quite as devilish as he is now?Back in series one, Spenny was completely in love with the beautiful Caggie Dunlop, leading to a movie-style mad dash to the airport in the finale. After finding out that hunky Hugo hadn't been able to keep it in his pants, she threw a drink over him.

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