Love is in the air dating for airline crew

With that in mind we’ve come up with a few cabin crew dating tips for those looking to meet the people who take care of us at 30,000 feet.Being at the other side of the world from the person you’re dating can be testing but there’s no reason why your job should stop you from finding love.Love is just as susceptible to reality is as a sailboat is susceptible to the direction of the wind. Now, my skepticism seeps through, so much so, that I am called out on it.

Don't spend your whole life lost in clouds or freezing at icy altitudes.I’m living this to the extreme, not because it is required, but because of how I have chosen it.Not all flight attendant jobs require 10-15 day trips. I’m heartbroken over loves that I have let go, and saddened over the little shell that has evolved to protect my vulnerable and sensitive heart.We also welcome members that are not working in aviation, but simply are fascinated by these people and their lifestyle.We believe that people with same lifestyle and interests have a big chance of finding happiness and true love.

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