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After several months of wondering whether he was truly prepared to kill for his political beliefs, and several more figuring out how to actually join a Kurdish militia, Belden told his girlfriend that he was going to Syria to do humanitarian work and got on a plane.

When I first talked to Belden, in November, he had been in Syria for two months and was looking forward to his first shower in weeks.

Worse comes to worst, they’ll cave in and you will fall 10 feet, possibly busting an arm, and then get to sue the city for millions! ) We may zone it out, but in this shared space, a (really loud) stage whisper about “that man over there” or “that weird homeless guy” brands you as a tourist, if not a jerk. Laugh uproariously as you poke out several eyeballs and run into people instead of, say, lifting your umbrella as people pass.

We, the citizens of New York, love tourists (no, really, we do!

) — you bring economic stimulus into our city and give us oodles of giggles. We know you don’t want to annoy the heck out of us unintentionally or make our eyes roll back in rage … Sometimes I think people come to visit our fine city just to freak us out, and why not? I started this list earlier this year (with the nose picking video! Here are the top 12 ways to really rub a New Yorker the wrong way: I get it, you love each other and/or are afraid of someone going astray (traveling with my dad and Aunt Dee and Uncle Jim is like herding cats, trust me, I get it), but on the busy sidewalks of New York you are just as likely to clothesline someone as you are in a WWE ring.

“Incredibly filthy right down to the bone,” he said via text message.

It was Thanksgiving Day in America, but Belden wasn’t celebrating.

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