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"The best time was Holly's self-professed drunken state on the Halloween episode. She was slurring away."Fearne added: "Some guests that come on get absolutely trashed. The presenter explained: "What you see is what you get.The cameras don't really stop rolling from the moment we're out of hair and make-up."Except for the ad breaks, of course.In November 2006, Holly's hard work in children's television was recognised when she won the Children's BAFTA award for Best Presenter. But let's be honest, she doesn't always appear to be having the best time when he's awkwardly flirting and dealing with the rejection by insulting her nostrils. In an exclusive interview with Digital Spy, Fearne told us: "Keith and I look like we hate each other, but we actually have the best time together at work."While that might be true, the line between Keith and the actor who plays him, Leigh Francis (who is apparently extremely polite, even timid), has become somewhat blurred over the years."I think we are seeing more Keith and less of Leigh," Fearne laughed. ), several celebs have admitted to having a cheeky drink before heading out on set. I'll have a gin and tonic but I don't work"A lot of people become more outgoing when they've had a drink but I become an introvert.It was then she decided that TV presenting was the job for her.Joining a friend for a casting led Holly to land her first job in Television when a Production Company were looking for a team of fresh and young presenters to host their new Saturday morning show, S Club TV."At first, I didn’t fancy Dan at all – I didn’t even think about it,” the model revealed to Woman & Home."I don’t think he could have fancied me either because it was such a genuine friendship." Six months later the couple were in a relationship.

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TV producer Dan has also worked behind-the-scenes on the likes of Celebrity Juice which his wife is a team captain on the panel alongside BFF Fearne Cotton.

However, she's made some changes to the format."For the second book, I implemented the feedback that I was given last time," Fearne explained.

She's always been fond of sharing an innuendo with This Morning co-host Phillip Schofield.

In 2003, Holly recorded Call The Shots and Xperi-mental, along with coverage of Fame Academy (BBC) and Xchange (CBBC).

In 2004, Holly co-presented the Game Star Awards (ITV1), Junior Eurovision (ITV), CD: UK (ITV), and the 19 Management's Anniversary Party at the Royal Albert Hall in London.2005 was a busy year, as she continued with Ministry of Mayhem (re-named Saturday Showdown) and regularly guest presented CD: UK.

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